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How does our palate quiz work?


Hey there wine lover!

This is our first of many wine insight articles where I will be sharing my thoughts on wine related topics on a weekly basis.

One recurring question I keep on getting asked in different ways is ‘how does our quiz work?’ or ‘does it actually help me buy the right wine for me?’

We started to solve the problem that people do not know how to choose wine due to lack of information, and I don’t blame anyone for that. There is an overwhelming amount of information to learn.

We want to fast track your education and expose you to wines that you will never find on your own by asking your food preferences, this allows us to understand your taste and choose wines that would compliment your favourite food.

Wines are produced to compliment food and take your meal to a new level of satisfaction, so using food to understand your preferred wines is ideal.

Each user is asked the following 8 questions on their preferences and how it ties into our wine-matching:

  1. Are you experimental with food & drink? Depending on how experimental you are, you might not be fond of wines that use less traditional winemaking techniques.

  2. Do you like salt? This is linked to the level of minerality you’ll enjoy in white wines.

  3. How do you feel about red and blackberries? This dictates if you want red wines that have a strong fruity taste as their primary aromas.

  4. Preferences on dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate? This is linked to how you cope to astringent tastes.

  5. How do you drink your coffee? This is linked to tannins in red wine.

  6. What body-type do you desire in your wine? This is a direct question on what type of body you enjoy in wines.

  7. What wine did you enjoy in the past six months? This clarifies the level of education in wine that users have.

  8. If you had four wines, what wines would you choose? This allows us to customise the subscription box to the users demands.

Once the user subscribes to the service, they are also prompted to give their feedback on their wines every month so we have even more data to choose their next set of wines.

These results so far have been overwhelmingly positive to prove this concept, with our subscription service boasting a retention of 94% of it’s subscribers.

Let me know what you think at, or call us on 99320813 if you want to have a conversation about it.

Wishing you all a great week,

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How does our palate quiz work?